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Water transition


Water is life. Clean water is healthy life.


No other food influences the human body more than the quality of your drinking water, because the main element of your organism amounts to about 70% water.

Scientists increasingly point out that despite the extensive water supply, many of our so-called 

“diseases of civilization” can be traced back to inadequate drinking water quality.


The confusing diversity of today's industrial water supply, with the most varied characteristics and

composition, is increasingly unsettling to people looking for healthy drinking water.

The environmentally friendly spring-time ® water filter takes nature and nature alone as a model for

healthy drinking water quality. 

Pure, fresh and only slightly mineralized water has provided for optimal care of the human body for millennia. Exactly these natural characteristics make spring-time water some of the healthiest water on our Earth.

9 stages of restoration of your drinking water

1st Stage: State-of-the-art membrane filtration

During the first stage 100% of contaminants are filtered out for a pure and lightly mineralized drinking enjoyment.


2nd Stage: With nature-conforming turbulence

Elimination of all harmful substances for a healthy oxygen level and better flow of nutrients to the cells.



3rd Stage: With Artesian-Spring Effect

For a stable maturity level of water. The water molecules now have an angular structure identical to glacier water, artesian springs, and mountain springs such as Lourdes.


4th Stage: With Waterfall-Effect

Atomization of water down to the finest water particles. Hereby, it experiences a tension release and the biologically effective surface increase.


5th Stage: With Ancient Water Information

Through the transmission of an unusually broad spectrum of frequencies, whose informational content enhances all specters of life.



6th Stage: With additional ceramic filter to prevent possible recontamination.


7th Stage: Addition of active hydrogen

Instills the water with unparalleled health and energy potential. Free oxygen radicals are neutralized. Oxidative stress is reduced. Cells are repaired. The healing process is motivated. The body becomes energized.


8th Stage: The Schauberger Method

Allows for a gentle and sustainable integration of active hydrogen into drinking water.


9th Stage: The Flower of Life

Symbolizes the cosmic order and the flow of life energy. It adorns the carafe coaster and is the final energization and stabilization of the treated water.