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Rooitea Description

What is Rooibos?

Rooibos also known as rooibush (from Afrikaans  rooi – red, bos – bush) – a beverage made by steeping dry fine cut leaves and shoots of  Aspalathus linearis plant endemic to South Africa only.  

How it’s processed?

The plant has long been used by the local population of South Africa for preparing herbal tea.

First hottentots and khoekhoes, the indigenous inhabitants of those places started collecting needle looking like leaves that gave a very pleasant aromatic and healing brew. The Dutch settlers then learned about the drink and in the nineteenth century – the British living in Cape Town. For South African region became an everyday refreshing beverage the same way as tea and coffee became for other parts of the world. It was considered to be a refreshing, healthful, invigorating drink that improves overall health conditions.The Dutch were among the first foreigners who tried this beverage. Later it became popular all over the world. Rooibos reached European continent at the beginning of XX-ND century.