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Korean Joongjak Premium

Korean Joongjak Premium

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  • Packaging:: Packed in re-sealable three layer aroma bags
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    Korean green tea, second flush harvested in June. Green in color leaves produce green infusion with unique savory taste.

    Taste: A long lasting orchid taste and aroma with a lingering, sweet after taste. 

    After withering and steaming, the leaves are carefully pressed flat to dry. This unique process produces a sweet, delicate mellow cup. Excellent

    for multiple infusions.


    It has high levels of antioxidants that reputedly help reduce the incidence of

    cancer, promote good skin tone and help reduce the effects of aging. Also containing vitamin C, fluoride and calcium, it also promotes healthy

    teeth and bones.


    Preparation time: 2-3 min

    Dosage: 1 level tea spoon for 250ml cup