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Organic Houjicha




 Houjicha (roasted tea) has a reddish brown color and a roasted fragrance. It is very popular in Kyoto, the place where the process to make houjicha was invented in the 1920s.

Houjicha is most commonly made with bancha, although it is also made with sencha and kukicha as well. The basic process consists of roasting the loose leaves at about 200 degrees Celcius, followed by a quick cooling.

Houjicha is brewed in the same way as bancha and genmaicha. This method is the easiest because boiling water is added directly to the loose tea leaves and the brewing time is very short.

Measure 3 to 4 grams (3/4 to 1 teaspoon) per cup,and place it in the kyusu (Japanese tea pot). Use 120ml of boiling water per cup, pour it in the pot, close the lid and wait 30 seconds.


Now pour the houjicha into each cup. Don’t fill the first cup all at once, alternate from cup to cup. Pour until the last drop.




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