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Health Benefits of Ginseng

According to the Korean Association for the study of the Liver ginseng can improve fatty liver and effectively inhibit the accumulation of liver fat.
Korean Red Ginseng proved to be effective in treating liver cancer and cirrhosis, not to mention general liver diseases.

Korean Ginseng strengthens the body’s immunity. It has been proven by numerous clinical studies that ginseng is effective in preventing new flu.

It is reported that ginseng helps to restore the function of the testicles. The core ginseng ingredient saponin (Ginsenoside Rg3) works on the testicles, facilitating the secretion of male hormones, amplifying the blood flow to the genital’s blood vessels, and thus enhancing erectility.

Dementia and mental disorders
In the 10th International Ginseng Symposium professor Kim Man-ho of Seoul’s National University Hospital Neurology Department reported a study in which ginseng takers showed better-improved scores in Alzheimer’s DiseaseAssessment Scale (ADAS-cog) and Mini-Mental-State Examination (MMSE) than non-takers. 
Ginseng’s efficacy in enhancing the cerebral function, such as repairing mental-function disorders and improving concentration, is expected to treat children’s ADHD. This expectation is based on ginseng’s saponin ingredient, which is known to increase the concentrations of dopamine and norepinephrine in the cerebral cortex.

According to professor Saki of Japan ginseng’s saponin ingredient not only kills canceros cells but also outstandingly inhibits their metastasis.

In the 2002 International Ginseng Symposium the team led by Professor Vladimir Vuksan of the University of Toronto in Canada, and the team led by Sukmyung Women’s University Professor Seong Mi-gyeong, reported: “In patients with adult type diabetes caused by obesity (type 2) who took red ginseng, the blood glucose level was outstandingly controlled, proving that ginseng is outstandingly effective in improving adult-type diabetes.” In the study, type 2 diabetics took 6 gram red ginseng powder daily for three months, and showed significant decrease of secreted insulin levels and inhibition of blood glucose increase.

Blood flow
Studies from Kinki University of Osaka, Japan suggest that Korean ginseng improves the blood cell transformation power of blood vessels that even a single blood cell finds hard to penetrate, thereby outstandingly facilitating blood circulation.

Anti-stress, anti-fatigue
Fatigue, when accumulated, will turn into stress. Stress and fatigue lower immunity, causing many diseases.
According to Korea’s Ginseng Research Institute study performed on soccer players the muscular pain, dizziness, fatigue, and fatigue index lactic acid concentration in the blood of the group that took ginseng greatly decreased compared with the group of non-takers.
Ginseng rapidly recovers a person’s strength while improving the functions of the internal organs.

Atherosclerosis and hypertension
Ginseng saponins have preventive effect against formation of aortic atheroma.
Active components of ginseng enhance cholesterol turnover and thus improve the hyperlipidemia, which is the major detrimental factor of arteriosclerosis.
Ginseng components accelerate the excretion of cholesterol metabolites and bile acid.   

Hyaluronic acid, which exists on the surface of the corium, gradually decreases with the ageing of the skin, leading to lower skin elasticity and moisture. Ginseng extracts maintain hyaluronic acid.

Ginseng is known in preventing wrinkles. Free oxygen radicals that occur as a result of cell metabolism, are one of the main reasons for skin ageing and regenerative changes, and ginseng ingredients interact with free oxygen radicals to inhibit skin oxidation.